Please use this area to enter your Associate On Line Run Report (Version 2 including SSSP, demo run & trainee observer).

Fill in the required fields and then select the ‘Submit’ button to commit the report to the database.
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If you need to find your ID or the associates ID the buttons below will take you to those details. Use Associate ID 1 for any names not in the list and annotate the comments field with the actual name (assessed rides etc).

Please retain the actual run report, annotate it with the date that the online data was submitted and forward the report to the Mortorcycle Co-ordinator at your convenience.

SLOW RIDING - Please use the comments field to include any slow riding training that was carried out.




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Thank you for submitting on line run report data.

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Please note that from 31 Jan 2011 all run reports submitted on line will be entered in Version 2 format. This version has added new fields on the submission form. As some of the new fields have default values, please ensure that you check all fields are set as you want them before submitting the report. Version 1 submissions will be kept but no longer added to.
Steve Anderson

ASSOCIATE On Line Run Report
(Please do not use this section for Trainee Observer Run reporting)

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Slow Riding Notes available in the Publications area.

Associates Personal Record card now available in the Publications area


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